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Technical Specifications
Lightweight with a secure closure ensures the shoe stays on and protects the foot.

Dr. Zen Therapeutic Shoes have the extra depth to accommodate a diabetic insole.

The result is a very comfortable shoe which is easy to put on. The design also helps in the prevention of skin breakdown and other foot problems

Leather-Like Material For Strength
The very soft feel, the touch and feel of leather, gives the shoe extra strength, and support.

Wide Opening, Fake Lace Velcro
The laces are fake. Tie them once and then use the Velcro "flap" to open and close the shoe. This gives it a laced-up-shoe look, with the convenience of Velcro.

Breathable Upper
The upper front of the shoe is made of LYCRA. This makes the shoe more breathable. Ventilation allows for normal body cooling and reduces the hot damp atmosphere which may contribute towards the development of fungus and bacteria.

Rocker Bottom
The heal and the toe are slightly curved forcing the foot to walk properly. The rocker bottom coupled with the ridged shank, aid in re-aligning ground forces and encourage a normal gait and aid in maintaining a neutral position.

Rigid Shank
The bottom of the shoe has a rigid shank, with the help of the "rocker bottom" forces the foot to walk properly, with the proper weight and support on the bottom of the foot.

Reinforced Toe Box
The toe box is high and reinforced to help prevent injury to sensitive toe area.

Seamless Construction for Reduced Abrasion
The inside of the shoe is finished without high, irritating seams. Seams that rub against the diabetic foot can cause irritation, causing blisters, calluses and infection.

The balance of the shoe and construction materials make this a shoe that protects the foot and provides comfort.The biomechanical design redistributes the ground reaction forces.This shoe can comfortably be worn all day.

Meets The Therapeutic Shoe Bill
The therapeutic shoe bill is very specific. Not all shoes fit the bill. The Dr. Zen shoe meets and exceeds the requirement of the therapeutic shoe bill providing not only an orthopedic shoe which can be used for a diabetic, but a diabetic shoe designed for the diabetic. The difference is noticed by the patients.

Large Range Of Sizes And Widths
With fittings so important to the safety of the diabetic foot, we maintain a large range with full widths and fittings from 4-14 and in all half sizes.